Bootzilla Records Volume 1

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"Crushin' on U" (featuring Ouiwey)

Recorded in 2018 @ The Ark 7 and P-Form School

Recorded in Cincinnati during the making of World Wide Funk with his son, Ouiwey and featuring Jeanine “Snow Buddy” Reinhold (vocals), Joe Mass (guitar), Toby Donohue (engineer).


"Bootsy Play-Cation" (featuring The Rubber Band)

Recorded in 2012 with the Funk Unity Band, now called The Rubber Band, at the “Re-Hab” Facility and P-Form School.  


"Z-Declassified (featuring Buckethead)

Musicians with Bootsy and Buckethead include “Catfish” Collins (guitar), Bernie Worrell (Arp strings, Mini Moog), Razor Sharp Johnson (clavinet) and Fred Wesley (trombone, horn arrangements).  “Now, this cosmic journey through the balcony of all our minds came about when I was thinking of how James Brown would sound with a freaked-out dude with a Bucket on his head in the Band with the JBs,” describes Bootsy.  “You better watch out for this one, because you could very well step in a whole pile of sheet if you’re not careful or exhausted.”


"When I'm Dancing"

Recorded in 2006 at the Ark and P-Form School

with Danielle Withers, background singer for Ariana Grande.


"Nothin' but U" (featuring Chew Fu)

 “You see, Chew Fu is a DJ that not only wants to make people dance and keep Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Ciara hot with new remixes, he also wants to Funk Some Sheet Up!” says Bootsy.    “We came up with a lot of cosmic space stuff.  This guy is like a magician.  I love to see people turn their heads up and say, ‘that boy gone again.  Trippin'!’